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Co-governance: a participatory management model

Cover Story of Cidade Nova Brazil | March 2019

Luís Henrique Marques (

In this cover story of the magazine “Cidade Nova Brasil” (New City Brazil), Luís Henrique Marques recounts an experience that characterize a more democratic government processes. Thus, he begins to design the concept of co-governance, in which citizens participate in a direct, articulated and networked way in the city management.

This concept had been further developed in the International Congress entitled “Co-governance: mutual responsibilities in the city today”, held in January 2019, at Castel Gandolfo, in Rome. At the end of the event, the participants signed the Pact for a New Governance, which states that cities have a strategic political and cultural importance, because they are the environment in which we face most of the central and concrete problems of humanity. Cities are, therefore, a place for experimentalism of democratic processes that can lead to local and/or global responses.

To conclude, Marques emphasizes that for the success of this model of government, in the signatories of the Pact for a New Governance’s point of view, needs to be directly related to the so-called "network philosophy", which consists of creating connections between citizens, collective agents and cities all of that with the aim to increase human dignity.


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