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Opinion in the light of fraternity: Co-governance requires heroic participation

Point of View, Cidade Nova Brazil | June 2021

Luís Henrique Marques (

In this edition of New City meganize , Luís Henrique Marques resumes the discussion on co-governance. According to him, this concept refers to a form of participatory government in which all citizens have a role to play.

Amidst the health crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, which further exposed our historical weaknesses, there is a greater need for participation in issues of public interest. It is essential that each one assume a position of co-responsibility to face not only the pandemic, but also the economic and social crisis that is plaguing our country. For these reasons, the application of the concept of co-governance is extremely pertinent. The promotion of more participatory management initiatives has never been so necessary, because they have enormous potential to build a fairer society, breaking with the logic that relegates the role of governing only to the political class.

Read the full article (in Portuguese) below:


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