Castel Gandolfo - Rome - Italy
17-20 January 2019

The Co-Governance concept

7 out of 10 citizens will live in urban areas by 2050. This growing urbanization increases the social, economic and political importance of the city today in a world with lower barriers and concerns with identity.


The city has to face enormous problems with less and less resources, but it proves more and more capable of solving problems that national and international levels face with scarce results. Vision, cooperative capacity, resilience and many other skills are required, as well insight on the international perspective, for those choosing to give a genuine service for the public good,.


The first challenge is how to govern today’s cities. Are head-strong mayors or energetic city managers or smart technologies or precise schedules sufficient?


Does mutual responsibility play a more determining role today ?  

About Co-Governance

Organized by "New Humanity Movement”, “Movement for politics&policy for unity” and
“Associazione Città per la fraternità”.

In collaboration with "New Humanity NGO".

It is aimed at those who have assumed, or are preparing for, a role in public service for the benefit of all: mayors, council members, advisors, officials, leaders of cooperatives or service providers, consultants, activists, representatives of organizations that are at the service of the city, young leaders, researchers.




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